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Address / Email Updates

My address has changed. How do I update this?
Hourly: Call GM Benefits at 1-800-489-4646. Salaried: Call GM Benefits at 1-800-489-4646. Retirees receiving annuity benefits from Prudential must also call Prudential at 1-855 PRU-5005 (1-855-778-5005).
I have a new Email address. How do I update this?
Once you log in to the site please go to the "Profile Icon" and select Hello, Name. Click the blue "Update your Email" and follow the prompts to update your email. 

Accessing the Site

Why do I need to register?
Information on the site is restricted for use by GM hourly and salaried retirees. Registration provides access to special offers and information including:
        o    General benefit updates
        o    Directory of retiree clubs
        o    Access to GM Marketplace with special discounts on products and services
        o    Printable GM retiree ID card (for use in obtaining Marketplace discounts)
        o    Vehicle information and link to GM Family First for vehicle purchase discounts
        o    Important GM news and announcements 

How do I register?
From the Welcome page (, click on the "Register" button. You will be asked to provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number, your birth month and day, and your ZIP code. Upon completion, you will be asked to provide your email address and to create a unique password. 
I’ve already registered on the GM Benefits site. Do I need to register again?
Yes, you should register on both sites. provides general benefit information.  If you need to access specific information about yourself, you need to do so on  
I don’t remember if I registered or not. What should I do?
Click on the “Log in” link on the welcome page and enter your email address and the password that you created when you first registered. If this doesn’t work, you can request help via the “Send a Help Request” button at the bottom of this page.
Who is eligible to register on this site?
Access to the site is limited to individuals who have retired from a U.S. facility and are receiving a pension and/or healthcare benefits from General Motors. This also includes surviving spouses. In addition, retirees who chose a lump sum payout when they retired, or are receiving pension benefits via a Prudential annuity, are eligible to register on
Is there a GM retirement site for Canada?

Log In / Password

I forgot my password. Are you able to send me a new password?
No, you will need to click on "Log In" and select "Forgot Password?". Please follow the prompts on the screen to successfully change your password.
Is my password the same as my Fidelity PIN?
GM has different websites with different authentication processes. For, the password must be a minimum of six characters. For Fidelity, the PIN is typically four characters long.
The site is not recognizing my email address or password. What should I do?
Verify that you are registered on the site. If not, click on the “Register” link at the top of the page and fill out the registration form. Verify that you are using the email address and password that you used to register. Be sure that you are not using unnecessary spaces or leaving your “Caps Lock” on when typing your password. The password must be a minimum of six characters. If this doesn’t work, you can request help by clicking on the “Send a Help Request” button at the bottom of this page, and completing the form.

Vehicle Discounts

How do I obtain a vehicle authorization code for a vehicle discount?
Vehicle authorizations can only be obtained by visiting You will be required to register at this site to obtain your authorization.

Additional information about the program can be found by clicking here.
Are surviving spouses eligible to get GM vehicle discounts?
Surviving spouses retain eligibility for GM vehicle discounts even after the death of a GM retiree.  Eligible surviving spouse will need to register on GM Family First once the death has been reported to Prudential/Liberty Mutual.   Furthermore, once both the GM retiree and surviving spouse pass away, their children also may retain eligibility for the GM discount.  Eligible family members will need to call 313-667-7372 to process the request for account access if the employee, and the employee’s spouse, if applicable, are deceased. 

Please review the Rules and Guidelines on the GM Family First website for eligibility requirements.    For other vehicle discount program questions, please call 800-235-4646.
I’m having trouble accessing the GM Family First site.
There is a “Contact Us” Email and “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the Family First website that will help you with access issues. Visit for these resources.

Additional information about the program can be found by clicking here.


What web browsers are supported by the website? is supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.